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The sublety and power of Regular Expressions (regex)

Before we begin let’s start with a relatively simple set of values. Generally with a set of values this short, you would just go through and do the calculations yourself or with a calculator. Of course, that changes when your dealing with thousands of rows of data from a database or god-forbid, a spreadsheet. But I have traveled both roads. I have had to sample test the 10,000 records until I was sure I had every variation. So while this may look like a simple list, it is deceptively so….

Conway’s Game of Life

This is a pretty interesting idea in and of itself, and pertains most to the complexity of life. Said complexity is often used as support for the role of a designer in creating life, but algorithms such as Conway’s show how highly complex behaviors can arise from a simple set of initial conditions. Fractals are based on a similar notion of complexity in nature represented by a repeating but simple mathematical formula. That is a journey worth taking in and of itself and I encourage you to read up on

Will Obama Ever Get to Burn One Down Again?

Dis-enthrallment A while back when I was much less in thrall to our current President Obama, I wrote a piece titled, What ever happened to Obama? For many of the last progressive idealists in the room, Obama represented our last chance for an Executive that could cut through the bullshit and bring about real change. Unfortunately the machine is just too big and the American people are too entrenched and comfortable in their trade-liberty-for-gadgetry mindset. No matter who you are and the ideas you represent, the office of President of

MoviePy — Python script-based movie editing


MoviePy Excerpts from MoviePy is a Python module for script-based movie editing, which enables basic operations (cuts, concatenations, title insertions) to be done in a few lines. It can also be used for advanced compositing and special effects. MoviePy — MoviePy 0.2 documentation Example code In a typical script, you load or generate some clips, modify them, combine them, and write the result to a video file. So let us load a movie of my last holidays, lower the volume, add a title in the center of the video

Monster Madness – creating games on the web with Emscripten | Mozilla Hacks

Monster Madness – creating games on the web with Emscripten When our engineering teams at Trendy Entertainment & Nom Nom Games decided on the strategy of developing one of our new Unreal Engine 3 games — Monster Madness Online — as a cross-platform title, we knew that a frictionless multiplayer web browser version would be central to this experience. The big question, however, was determining what essential technologies to utilize in order to bring our game onto the web. As a C++ oriented developer, we determined quickly that rewriting the

Anthony Bourdain has traveled the Globe. But now its time for something really dangerous. TV Networks.

TV Networks. And, yes, since that Matrix reference was too unclear for you, take the red pill. From Vice’s Munchies to FX’s Archer, Mr. Bourdain has been spreading his sardonic comedy and quill-to-parchment punching wit to shows besides his own shining example of TV done right.

VICE: Munchies

Not to have my nose too far up Tony’s derriere, but it should be obvious i have a special affinity for the man. He combines a zest for certain particulars in life with an air of nihilism that is so genuine it grabs me by the ethereal short-hairs, and threatens to give me the Zen imperative, pay attention.

FX: Archer

Every great beginning must have a great conclusion, but this could only be a pit-stop for a chef that has redefined what the “oft-evil” (and gasp, hyphenated) word celebrity-chef has come to mean. OK, despite his acerbity, there is something that Bourdain brings to the table (pardon the pun) that other chefs who are known for their ardor just don’t have the same sensibility for. Perhaps its his authentic punk roots and the time he has put in the kitchen manning every station only going out with the kichen-staff after closing time to eat and drink and discuss the finer thing: food and drink. Yes, the man lives his career, and it seems to have served him well. First with a book deal, Kitchen Confidential, which had some restauranteurs howling for its honesty, others laughing for its honesty. A common theme then here, yes, for a book about confidentiality.

Tony always eying the future. A little too cliche, maybe, Maybe be's getting soft in his old age. Kidding, Tony, kidding.

Tony always eying the future. A little too cliche, maybe, Maybe he’s getting soft in his old age. Kidding, Tony, kidding.

Yes, he is not a man known for stopping, always moving, always on to the next thing and his new show is already garnering attention… emmy? Poor Tony, what is a poor New York chef to do with his lamentable success. Dammit if he isn’t going to have to enjoy some of it, lamenting all the way. You can join Tony in his newest adventures on his newest show, Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown